“iLearn: ACSP” study guide application now available for Mac OS X!

iLearn: ACSP” it’s a study guide application that will help you with learning and preparing for OS X certification.

iLearn: ACSP” is already available for download at App Store: iTunes Download

Now you can learn directly from your Mac computers and practice the learning materials before taking the exam.

Get your Apple Certified Support Professional questions and study guide, answer all question and be ready for your final exam. Study during taking a carefully chosen question that are most likely to be on your exam. Try on your own device while using this application. Get the latest learning material and exam. When you are answering the question you have the explanation why is that correct and also you can try at the same time on your Apple computer. The purpose of this application is not only to pass the exam but to try and learn at the same time. With more than 100 questions you are more than ready to take your ACSP exam. All questions are random so you can learn by reading the notes, not by memorizing the questions.